Why Not Yucca Mountain?

brought to you by the Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force,
a non-profit organization providing information about nuclear waste in Nevada

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The Department of Energy (DOE) is working hard to win the right to ship tens of thousands of tons of high-level nuclear waste from reactors all over the country to Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

This plan can not and should not happen.

Here's Why Not:

  1. Deadly Transportation Hazards

  2. Garbage Begets Garbage = Continuing the Nuclear Cycle

  3. Unfeasible (can't work - just ask 'em!)

  4. Geologically Ill-chosen site (Politics, not science, brought us here!)

  5. A History of Nuclear Crimes – The Past Predicts the Future

  6. Undemocratic (Unpopular in a popular vote society)

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