A History of Nuclear Crimes – The Past Predicts the Future

Most of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) research at Yucca Mountain is done in accordance with the theory that the past predicts the future. While scientists hold a range of conflicting views on this assumption, it is clear that for communities who have dealt with the DOE, there is NO dispute that the past predicts the future. Since the splitting of the atom, every place where the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) set up shop, and its DOE offspring continued operations, has become a place where:

the land and environment are contaminated,

people and other living things have become sick or died prematurely,

workers have been subject to harassment and dangerous conditions,

government accountability and responsibility for damage have been denied.

The Nevada Nuclear Waste Task force salutes the courageous people who have been involved in the struggle at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons lab for writing an outstanding book that gives a full account of what happened there to the workers and citizens of surrounding communities. It is a book that should be read by anyone with an interest or concerns about the nuclear weapons industry. We recommend the book and urge everyone to support and help these good people in their efforts to protect all of us, particularly the children, from the clear and present dangers existing at Rocky Flats.

We feel a close affinity with the people who have written the book and the Task Force is devoted to learning from their painful lessons. We know what happened to workers and downwinders when the AEC and DOE exploded nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site. We know that they lied when they said that there was no danger. We know that damage has already been done to workers and others at Yucca Mountain because of involuntary exposure to toxic dust. And we certainly know that highly radioactive wastes should never be shipped across the country to a faulty Yucca Mountain repository. We have learned the hard way: When it comes to the DOE’s handling of radioactive materials – The past predicts the future.

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